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On The Human Rights Of “Mental” People

Australia, has become one of the worst countries in the developed world for the abuse of people suffering with mental health problems. According to the The United Nations Human Rights Commision, the field of mental disorder has been co-opted for purposes that suit the state and the psychiatric industry, not for purposes that suit the sufferers. It is not only the patients who are complaining. Many mental health practitioners are also fed up with the abuses they see on a daily basis. Most are afraid to speak out but some do. Here is what psychiatrist Dr Niall McLaren has to say about the human rights of "mental" people.

Why Do We Lock People Up

According To the World Health Organisation and the United Nations Human Rights Commision, the terrible way that Australia treats people with serious mental health issues continues unabated. Throughout history, with only a few exceptions, the treatment of the mentally-disturbed has been appalling. The issue is why?