About Us

The Pink Panther Movement  is a voluntary,  Australian, peer-to-peer activist group made up of people  who  either have personal experience of mental health problems or are sympathetic to those of who have.

Members typically are  very unhappy with  the current public mental health services, practices and laws and are actively working  to do something about it.

This movement provides a means for our members to discuss and publicly voice about our concerns as well as to  initiate actions to try to bring about change, free of interference from opposing interests who may try to suppress or otherwise stop us from doing so.

In particular we are strongly opposed to involuntary confinement and treatment which is steadily increasing and being imposed on people, including many young people,  in often highly questionable circumstances. We believe the public is generally unaware of the extent of these practices.

We are also opposed to the dishonest, misleading information that is often provided by  some mental health professionals, service providers and other vested interests.

We are a volunteer organisation  that operates through the efforts of our members. We operate on a shoestring budget with small donations from our supporters. We do not accept money from governments or other large organisations, particularly those who have or may have vested interests and may try to influence our activities or policies.  

Anybody from anywhere can visit this  website read articles and members responses to them. They can also contact us through our contact page.  Additional  information as well as peer services and support is available to our members.

Membership of this movement is open to any Australian resident who shares and supports our mission and values.

Our Mission 

Because of significantly different laws and other conditions it is impractical to try and offer the  services and support  that we try to provide for our Australian members on an international basis.  We are  happy however to network and form associateships with  other like minded people or organisations.