The Soteria group are endeavouring to collaborate with the federal government to establish supervised Soteria style community houses throughout Australia, predominantly for young people with serious (usually psychotic) mental health problems . We are currently  trying to build relationships with interested people within government who will help promote this idea.

We communicate with each other online or through chat.  If anyone is interested please get in touch through contact or chat.

Soteria Support

We are also in the process of trying to establish a personal support group, based on Soteria principles that will meet online each week.

It’s Time For Soteria : An Australian Perspective

Soteria community houses have been around for over 50 years and have proven themselves as a gentler, kinder and more effective solution to serious (psychotic) mental health problems than  institutional psychiatric wards and hospitals. These days, Soteria type houses are mostly found in Europe but why not in Australia?

Our article “It’s Time For Soteria:An Australian perspective” was published on Mad In America-  Click Here To Read It.

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