Our Mission

Fighting Involuntary Mental Health Treatment, Abuse and Dishonesty !

Our Mission is to play our part in helping create a world where minority groups, including those who experience mental health problems, have their rights upheld and are treated fairly, equitably and respectfully.

Our Values

We support the World Health Organisation  Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2030 and the United Nations declaration of human rights.

Our Vision

For Australia to develop the best mental health system in the world.

report published by UNICEF in September 2020 examined  the happiness and wellbeing of children in the world’s richest countries. The data from the report was used to also compile a “league table”, and the results are a source of shame for Australia. Not only did we rank 32 out of 38 overall, but when it comes to the mental health of our children, we’re doing even worse at  35 out of 38 countries.

If we care about the future of Australia we’ve got a lot of work to do!

Country Mental Health Ranking for Children
Netherlands 1
Cyprus 2
Spain 3
Romania 4
Denmark 5
Portugal 6
France 7
Greece 8
Italy 9
Croatia 10
Norway 11
Finland 12
Switzerland 13
Slovakia 14
Hungary 15
Germany 16
Belgium 17
Bulgaria 18
Luxembourg 19
Iceland 20
Austria 21
Sweden 22
Slovenia 23
Czech Republic 24
Latvia 25
Ireland 26
Chile 27
Malta 28
United Kingdom 29
Poland 30
Canada 31
United States 32
Estonia 33
Republic of Korea 34
Australia 35
Lithuania 36
Japan 37
New Zealand 38