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New Diseases For Old Drugs

One way that drug companies make money is to develop drugs for existing diseases. An even easier way is to just re-purpose old drugs for some new or existing mental health problem. Just tweak the old drug enough to get a new patent, give it a fancy name and spend a few million dollars telling everyone about this wonderful new invention. Voila… mega profits.

And Now For More Of The Same…Psychometrics

Psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs are apparently back in vogue and legal in Australia, at least for experimental purposes by “suitably qualified people”. If it wasn’t for the fact that live humans will be used for experiments, probably without informed consent, this story would be a huge joke except that it is not really funny or perhaps it is. Decide for yourself.

The ADHD juggernaut rolls on… and why science matters

This article reflects on the shenanigans and conflict of interests surrounding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP), and the way these activities impact peoples lives and the public purse.

Legal Challenges To Mental Health Practices

Legal challenges to mental health laws appear to be having some impact on Australian mental health practices with the possibility of better outcomes for people facing Community Treatment Orders.

Mental Health, Politics and Bullshit

The federal government appears to be sidestepping any real responsibility for dealing with the complex issues of mental health in Australia.

Sorry It’s Not Funny

Joking about madness is not considered funny. Mad comedian Jim Flannery was involuntarily incarcerated following a live comedy performance.

Theatre Of The Oppressed – An entertaining means of protest

A "Touch Of Madness" is a theatrical production currently under development. It uses a technique known as "Theatre Of The Oppressed". The objective is to actively engage the audience in looking at a significant social problem. In this case the message is that all is not right in the world of mental health care and treatment in Australia.

Australia’s Mental Health Mess

It is no secret that the Australian mental health system is an unworkable mess. The 2021 Victorian Royal Commission delivered a scathing verdict.